Working at AGCO GSI is more than a job, it’s a career in an industry that makes a difference in the lives of billions of people. That’s right, billions−including you, your family and your friends.

At AGCO GSI, we believe that when our employees succeed, our business succeeds. It’s a people philosophy that we believe and invest in.  We make sure all of our employees – in every function, every geography and at every level – have the tools they need to be successful and take charge of their career. Because when our people grow, our business grows. Every day. Every way.

From the day you decide to join AGCO GSI, we want to engage and excite you. From recruiting to onboarding, we’ll give you the information you need to hit the ground running in your new role.

We’re clear on where we want to go as a business and we trust you to set individual goals that get us there. Connecting employees to company goals empowers our people to imagine what’s next, take action and make a difference.

From online and on-the-job training to networking and special assignments, AGCO’s learning model “Our Way to Grow” uses a variety of methods to help you “know it, share it and experience it.” Whether you want to learn a new skill or you aspire to do something different, we can help you develop the skills you need to take your career—and our business—to the next level.

We help our people achieve true balance — however they define it—by focusing on their professional, financial and personal well-being. Unlimited career opportunities, competitive pay packages, and programs that promote employee health and happiness both respect and reward you for who you are as well as what you deliver.

At AGCO GSI, we help farmers feed the world using less water, less energy and fewer chemicals – and we make those same reductions in our own operations. We’re also educating African farmers so they can take a huge leap towards food security and prosperity through our Future Farm initiative. We hope sharing resources will be good for business, but, more importantly, we know it will be good for the world.




People count on you to take ownership of the things you do. ACCOUNTABILITY is strong. It creates a solid foundation, a safe haven-personally, professionally and even environmentally as it relates to how our positive actions can help create a more sustainable world.



Actions don’t just speak louder than words. Actions shout from the mountaintop. INTEGRITY is an amazing thing. It shields us from being less than our best. And no one but you has the ability to create it. Put the power of what’s right in your corner.



Look around you. We bring together a remarkable collection of hearts, minds and souls. RESPECT the back and forth-the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Use it to empower all of us in our quest to be innovative, efficient and sustainable. As individuals, we bring so much diversity to the table.



Come together. Make the most of this amazing group of people. When we approach everything we do with true TEAM SPIRIT, we lift each other up. Raise the flag of camaraderie. Wave it proudly. We’re all in this together.



Say what you mean and mean what you say. TRANSPARENCY breaks down barriers and builds trust. It opens lines of communication. It sparks bigger ideas. That’s what happens when people are open, honest and purposeful.



Job Responsibilities Responsible for steel building detailing using CAD. To accurately prepare detailed general layout drawing, shop/fabrication drawing, foundation drawing and building installation drawing. To assist structure engineer on building and connections design. To prepare Quantity Take-Off and Bill Of Material (BOM). To undertake document control of project documentation  including filing, create new part numbers…
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    Manufacturing Engineer

    Job Responsibilities Develop and improve manufacturing processes by researching product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, and materials. Improves manufacturing efficiency by improving material flow, layout, identify and reduce wastes which causing downtime. Develop and update routing for work orders. Develops and improves manufacturing processes by studying product and manufacturing methods. Design develop jigs and fixtures for…
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      IT Executive

      Job Responsibilities Perform system maintenance that includes installation, configuration, upgrading, troubleshooting and monitoring in IT relevant hardware and software. Provide hardware, network and software technical support to the end user or relevant units in normal working hours as well as any emergency condition after the working hours. Provision of IT infrastructure services including computer, application,…
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        Quality Assurance Engineer

        Job Responsibilities Implementing, monitoring and maintaining quality control system. Managing the quality system by providing work direction for quality control supervisors and various levels of inspectors. Perform incoming, in-process and outgoing inspection if require and identify critical points in the manufacturing process and supplier process. Generate reports and present data analysis to improve quality standard…
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          IT Lead

          Job Descriptions: Responsible for providing a stable and secure IT infrastructure, included support for all IT hardware and software. Lead a team of resources as direct and matrix reporting relationships in project delivery and support environments. Recommend and prepare documentation on best practices, business procedures, reporting, configuration and master data maintenance. Lead execution of tasks…
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            Product Engineer

            Job Responsibilities Design and develop new products (NDP) as required and carry out the assigned projects using project management tool and NPI process which consists of 6 phases i.e. definition, feasibility, development, validation, implementation and evaluation. Design and develop enchantments/ continuous product improvement for the existing product range. Continuous interrogation and VA/VE analysis of current…
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