The 100% steel construction Generation Structures building by GSI is definitely state-of-the-art of live production buildings. No plastic ceilings or wood walls.

The structure’s negative pressure ventilation is unmatched with its durable operating design features. Winter weather heat loss is minimized with our exclusive, optional, bi-flow selectable heat exchanger baffle system.

When compared to other buildings on the market, this Generation Structures’ attention to detail in building design, use of premium materials, day-to-day operating efficiency and its anticipated 35 year useful life, no greater value can be found anywhere.

We are confident that once you have had an opportunity to learn more about this building, you’ll agree that Generation Structures is the industry’s choice in building design and production.


Poultry Structures


For broiler farming, optimal meat productivity is the most important target. To achieve that, an ideal growing environment is the key. GSI offers various type of broiler farm houses to fit different requirement, which provide the most air-tight and heat resistant performance, offer the best environment control ability and tightest bio-security, maximise food conversion rate and meat production, minimise the energy usage, and require the easiest maintenance. Click house type below and learn more:

Swine Structures

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