GSI offers multiple options for your farm needs be it for poultry or for swine. Our track record shows that growers using GSI structures recorded high livability rate, better FCR rate, and save significant cost on long term maintenance. Our house are constructed to be energy savings and to withstand strong winds.


  • Custom design to fit every customer’s requirement
  • Withstand high winds and heavy snow with Praat and Warren truss system and heavy gauge column
  • Avoid air turbulence with drop ceiling design clear span
  • Provide excellent corrosion resistant and long building life with heavy gauge galvanized high tensile steel structures such as column, trusses, roof purlin, and wall framing
  • Save Energy cost with Insulation at walls and ceiling
  • Endure vibration due to equipment hanging and to weather cyclical wind loads with main structure frame’s truss and column all use bolt and nut fastening too
  • No welding required at field
  • Tight house construction to facilitate control pf desired air- speed temperature with the least energy cost
  • Structure parts are fabricated with fully automatic NC Cut & Drill machine for high manufacturing accuracy

Drop Ceiling

  • The Hired- Hand’s drop ceiling creates a more stable airflow across the house to achieve maximum ventilation efficiency
  • The drop ceiling coupled with interior sidewalls yield more uniform air velocity and minimize variations in airflow occur from friction losses and obstructions
  • By having a drop ceiling the number of fans needed to maintain the appropriate air velocity in the house could be reduce and this in turn would result in energy and cost savings

Tunnel Ventilation

  • In tunnel ventilation, mechanical fans create an air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the house
  • The exhaust fans create a slight negative pressure or vacuum in the poultry house, which causes fresh air to enter the house through the designed inlets (cooling pad, air- inlet etc) to produce air exchange in the farm house

Cooling Cells

  • The cooling pads are mounted at the pad service area which has a corridor extending out from the building
  • Besides providing good protection against wind, light and rain and other environmental influences, the cool cell’s service room wetness and enable service and maintenance works to be carried out easily
  • Wire netting is installed to protect the cooling pad and to keep the rodent away
  • Optional curtain can be used to precisely control the required air speed for maximum ventilation efficiency

Glass wool Insulation

  • Our quality insulation is made of glass mineral wool to maintain a consistent air temperature throughout the building, absorb noise and conserve energy
  • They also help to keep out air that can bring it unwanted moisture
  • Moisture is the most important controllable element in the fight against mold
  • Our insulation, along with vapor barrier, help prevent condensation that can lead to mold and corrosion by keeping outside air out

Benefits of Farm-Hand Structures

  • Galvanized steel construction; 600g/m2 for column and 275g/m2 for beam and brackets.
  • Economy, efficient and value for money up to 18m building width.
  • Fully bolted portal frame constructed by cold-formed swaged C-beam, hollow structural steel column and connection brackets.
  • Continuous rafter beam for wide building span without any welding needed!
  • Roll-Seal doors (Manual or automated control options)
  •  Quality assurance – each construction material is inspected and tested thoroughly for accuracy
  • Gatorshield galvanized tubing frame
  • Efficient climate control engineering
  • 50-70% reduction on Insurance claims
  • Thicker 4” walls. (Industry standard walls are only 3 1/2”)
  • Flexible: Steel can be designed for longer spans that create more open floor plans and fewer load- bearing walls.
  • Uncompromising design standards
  • Long-lasting materials, construction and assembly
  • Code Acceptance: Steel framing is backed by national building codes.
  • Safety: The strength of steel offers greater protection to you and your family during inclement weather.
  • Endwall & Sidewall are “C” channel framing kits
  • Engineered Structural Tubing Truss