Modern Swine Farm Education for Malaysian Veterinary Officials

AGCO GSI MALAYSIA Played an Important Role in Modern Swine Farm Education for MY Veterinary Officials

As the world’s leading expert in modern agricultural solution, our team was invited to present on Closed House System technological application in modern swine farming at Institut Pengurusan Veterinar, in Kajang on 29th of March 2017. The talk was attended by DVS officials, Swine Division Malaysia nationwide, and we were proud to play a role in Malaysian modernizing swine farming.

We shared key points to achieve good ventilation that allows better performance that helps reduce mortality rate of livestock. We also shared on factors that affect the utility consumption rates and how proper house designs with air tight features are able to reduce such consumption.

We concluded the seminar by highlighting the importance of ventilation that helps increase production. The right ventilation methods need to be
considered for different stages of pig production. For example, End-to-end ventilation is much more suitable for gestation and farrowing houses.


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