Pilgrims Mexico Project Update

On the 26th of May, AGCO GSI delegated a representative, Khor Chew Boon, (Project Detailing Manager) to one of our projects with Pilgrims Mexico, located in Campeche, Mexico. The team spent approximately a month in Mexico collaborating and supporting some of the undergoing projects by GSI Mexico.

The purpose of this trip was to assist GSI Mexico in building a structure unit, and this is where one of our experienced and industry expert came into play. This farm house are for the Grand Parent Stock (GPS) and the structures used were from GSI Malaysia and ventilation systems by GSI USA.

The overall completion and progress of this project was approximately 50%. The installation of the ceiling was 50% completed, doghouse, rear end wall, light trap wall, control room, roof, sidewall and framing were fully completed, which was a good accomplishment in the time period.


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