Drying and Heat Treatment with Cimbria’s DANTOASTER

A combination of theoretical know-how and practical experience has made Cimbria a recognized supplier of these heat treatment systems.

The Cimbria Dantoaster is increasingly used as a high capacity low-cost technology for heat treatment and can often be used as an alternative to more energy intensive technologies.

Designed for Flexibility

The design of the Dantoasteris optimized for multiple applications such as high temperature grain drying, sterilization, gelatinization and toasting. The Dantoaster will ensure a value-added end product regardless of whether it is used for production of feed for pigs, cows, mink, chickens, pet food, or in the food industry for products such as breakfast cereals, sprinkles etc.

The Dantoaster has also proven itself as an energy-ecient and compact drying solution for dicult products such as lime stone and manure, just as extremely wet – almost liquid – product can be handled, exploiting the system’s qualities of high capacity and low energy consumption.

Meeting Increasingly Stringent Requirements

Sterilizing raw materials used in food production leads to a thousand-fold reduction in the germ count. This results in a product which is not only much better suited for storage, but also much less prone to the development of mycotoxins. The process enables a manufacturer to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for better methods of storage and product quality.

Toxins In Fodder And Food

Micro-organisms and their waste products in food and animal fodder represent a serious problem for both human and animals. Such problems include salmonella in chickens, aatoxin in dried fruit, and ochratoxin in pig feed. Today, it is already common practice to sterilize large quantities of corn for inclusion in many diferent feed products in order to minimize the risk of sickness occurring in animals during their critical period of growth. Aquaculture is another example of an area that is receiving an ever-increasing amount of attention, since requirements for quality feed also play a vital role here.


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