AGCO GSI Won GreenFeed’ s Pig Farm Megaproject

On 25th September, GreenFeed Vietnam JSC signed a contract with AGCO GSI (Malaysia) to build farm infrastructure, including a farm system, cooling system and an automatic feeding system for pig breeding.

The contract was issued by GreenFeed, Vietnam’s high-tech pig breeding project in Bihn Thuan Province, with a total investment of US$ 25 million, raising 60, 000 units of market hog and 5000 units of sow. By the end of 2018, this project is expected to provide safe pork products to the market.

GreenFeed’s objective is to develop the value chain of animal breeding, provide quality feed to animal husbandry and slaughter, and to be the leader in cost reduction in raising pigs from VND34,000 per kg to below VND30,000 per kg.

GreenFeed plans to develop this model of pig breeding among a large number of farmers.

(Source: Viet Name News)


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