Hi-Lo Pan Feeder

Joanne Lim

When it comes to poultry, we wanted our birds to be in excellent growth and health. A happy bird is a well-fed bird. ​A Two-Stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the idea behind Cumberland’s revolutionary Hi-Lo Pan Feeding System. The Hi-Lo pan feeder represents a unique concept in the poultry industry, using one feeder to take from day-old through adult. The first ten days of a broiler chick is critical. The Hi-Lo pan feeder can start on the house floor, presenting a lip height of 2.1” (5.33cm), the average height of traditional “chick lids”. As the bird grows, the feeding line needs to be raised. The Hi-Lo is able to expand into a 3.5” (8.89cm) deep pan. The higher wall and feed saver lip prevent waste from raking and spill out. Putting the birds’ comfort and farmers’ convenience at first place, the Hi-Lo is thoughtfully engineered for assuring both farmers’ and birds’ satisfaction.

Key Features

Smooth Edge Ring Design
The high wall reduces feed waste from birds’ pecking, saving feed cost and increasing FCR. Smooth finishing ensures healthy and beautiful birds without scratches or rashes. Fit your feeding style the best. Low level for accurate feeding control, high level for energy cost efficiency.

Feed Depth Control
Measures directly from the bottom of the pan, assuring all birds a consistent and even supply for fresh feed.

360° Action
The drop tube and grill allow a play in 360°, reducing bruising and injury to the birds

Feed Depth Control
This prevents feed wastage from pecking, maximizes the FCR.

Telescoping Drop Tube
The telescoping drop tube automatically compensates for uneven floor conditions. The drop tube is available in either the standard one piece or optional two pieces design

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