AP’s all new HI2LO Feeder

Jonathann Warren

AP (Automated Production Systems) has been producing hard-working, reliable equipment that has helped many farmers and hog operations to produce millions of kilos of pork for over 20 years.

Now introducing AP’s exclusive, HI2LO, the only feeder on the market that has individual feeding compartments. This allows each pig to access to the feed shelf and watering nipple through the trough dividers that completely seal off the feed space.

Not only does this prevent a single pig from flooding the entire trough, this unique design allows each pig to create their optimal feed-to-water mixture in their individualized trough space.

TECNO Europe Layer Farms Project Visit

Jonathann Warren

On the 23rd of May 2017, AGCO GSI designated a representative, Mr. Ong Cheng Beng, to 3 TECNO Layer farms in Shrewsbury (UK), Lombardy (Italy) and Laer (Germany). The trip was joined up with some of CP China’s representatives and they spent a period of 23 days in these countries.

The objective of this trip was to observe, study, and contemplate the ways these farms are managed. During this trip, a few factors were focused on, such as the layers systems, ventilation systems, and the overall farm set ups. Griffiths Oaklands, UK, has been applying Tecno’s cages for over 20 years and CP China was very interested to analyze the current condition and longevity of the cages.

It was found that the eggs production of free range birds contains more nutrition compared to caged birds, but in terms of production quantity, caged birds are still in the lead, which is of the reasons why free range eggs have a higher price compared to caged eggs. As the majority of today’s consumers are more concern about health benefits, the free range bird concept will surely be
practiced in local mass production farms in the near future.

The observation highlight was on the minimal ventilation system that was applied in these farms. It is important that the livestock gets the right amount of natural air regardless the cold weather outside the farm house. This minimal ventilation system will be taken into consideration and is applicable in other cold countries. Besides that, it can also be beneficial and effective in hot climate
region during brooding and raising baby chicks, by utilizing outside temperature.

This trip has benefited us with some good information. With the study and data collected, we can begin preparation and innovation for the next decade.


Pilgrims Mexico Project Update

Jonathann Warren

On the 26th of May, AGCO GSI delegated a representative, Khor Chew Boon, (Project Detailing Manager) to one of our projects with Pilgrims Mexico, located in Campeche, Mexico. The team spent approximately a month in Mexico collaborating and supporting some of the undergoing projects by GSI Mexico.

The purpose of this trip was to assist GSI Mexico in building a structure unit, and this is where one of our experienced and industry expert came into play. This farm house are for the Grand Parent Stock (GPS) and the structures used were from GSI Malaysia and ventilation systems by GSI USA.

The overall completion and progress of this project was approximately 50%. The installation of the ceiling was 50% completed, doghouse, rear end wall, light trap wall, control room, roof, sidewall and framing were fully completed, which was a good accomplishment in the time period.

World Pork Show 2017 Update

Jonathann Warren

The World Pork Expo 2017 was held in Des Moines, Iowa United States. It started from 7th of June and ended on the 9th of June 2017. This Expo was held by the National Pork Producer Council (NPPC).

This event is known to be one of the largest fairs for agricultural equipment , products and systems for the swine industry. This event served a great opportunity to understand customers and market’s needs, and come out with better solutions to meet their requirements.

It gave us a great opportunity to present and promote our innovated technology, systems and equipment to the public. The responds that was given throughout this event was indeed fruitful and positive as we managed to impress all visitors with our cutting edge solutions.


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