AGCO signs swine farm contract with TSC worth USD194M.

Acelyn Goh

AGCO Grain & Protein – Greater Asia has officially signed the agreement with Taiwan Sugar Corporation on August 7 to rebuild and modernize a massive pig farm project in Taiwan worth USD194M (NT5.88 Billion)

The signing ceremony was witnessed by the joint effort Taiwanese companies; Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd., Eco Technical Services Co., Ltd and Hwa Fong Construction Co., Ltd all of whom have extensive experience in the pig farm construction business.

The American Institute in Taiwan has supported this effort to promote the sale and use of AGCO products to enhance and secure the food supply chain in Taiwan and to a greater extent, all of Asia.

The project will be one of the largest in the region consisting of six sites spread over in Taichung, Yunlin and Tainan provinces and when completed in 2 years, will house approximately 16,000 sows and 100,000 finishers with AGCO supplying most of the equipment and structures.

With a renewed sense of biosecurity importance, AGCO will provide Taiwan Sugar Corporation with the best-in-business high tech bio-security, high productivity and efficiency swine farm. It will also cater to the environmental needs as well as fully comply with international animal welfare standards. The project will set a new benchmark for swine producers in Taiwan as well as the rest of the world.

This project will be the first project that integrates both American and European technology solutions and will help Taiwan Sugar Corporation achieve international standards of swine production.

AGCO Recasts Vision to Underscore Its Commitment to Providing Sustainable High-Tech Solutions

Acelyn Goh

AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions, today announced it is highlighting its commitment to bringing farmers sustainable high-tech solutions by relaunching its vision.

“Our new vision—Sustainable high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world—better represents our thoughtful approach to helping our farmers and our business continually find better and more sustainable ways to raise the food people need, all around the world,” said Martin Richenhagen, President and Chief Executive Officer of AGCO Corporation. “As the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day last month, we felt it was the right time to stress the importance of sustainability in our company’s vision.”

Agriculture is one of the most essential industries in the world. As the population grows to a projected 10 billion people by 2050, the potential impact agriculture can have on the health of our planet is tremendous. As a global leader in agriculture, AGCO has a responsibility to help ensure we make a positive impact for the farmers who use our solutions, the communities they feed and the environment we all share.

AGCO precision agriculture tools help farms and machines run more efficiently with lower inputs and higher yields. Sustainable productivity arises through technology, innovation and integrated solutions to grow more food and deliver higher farm income.

Environmental concerns are also driving society’s perception of agriculture, including animal welfare. AGCO is a market leader for cage-free egg equipment and creates solutions to reduce stress and maximize comfort while maintaining healthy animals and encouraging natural behavior.

In short, AGCO’s sustainable high-tech solutions enable farmers to do more with less.

  • Advanced farm machines require less fuel and need to make fewer passes in the field, reducing compacted soil and increasing soil fertility.
  • Precision technology and agronomic solutions enable farmers to grow and harvest more per acre, making the most of our farmland.
  • Better sprayer technology enables farmers to apply products only where needed, reducing inputs to grow healthy food.
  • More efficient harvesting equipment means more crops are captured in the field, and better grain and seed storage mean more goes to market.
  • Next-generation biosecurity, housing and feeding solutions mean safer, healthier and more productive conditions for swine and poultry.

“We don’t want to stop at meeting the needs of today’s farmers; we must support future generations,” added Eric Hansotia, Chief Operating Officer of AGCO Corporation. “We need to continuously bring to market high-tech solutions to support farmers in producing nutritious food while reducing resource and environmental impacts.”


Acelyn Goh

Agriculture is system critical.

With the coronavirus pandemic, our planet is facing an unprecedented modern challenge. Securing our food supply must be a top priority and maintaining access to food is critical in fighting this virus both short and long term.

We recognize the key role that our equipment plays in a sustainable food supply. Our commitment is to keeping production running and inventory open and accessible as long as possible, so farmers everywhere have the tools they need. It means continuing to operate our parts, service and support functions for customers so they can keep feeding the world, whether planting, harvesting or caring for animals. And it means keeping these commitments while protecting the health of our customers, employees and communities.

For our customers and dealers

Farmers and the agricultural supply chain have never been more important. We are doing everything we can to keep our plants, distribution and field support operating normally with minimal disruptions to help farmers grow and harvest the food we all need to survive. From our CEO to every employee across the globe, this is mission critical.

For our employees

The safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority. We are closely following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies to protect our employees. We’ve implemented international and domestic travel restrictions, drastically increased our sanitation efforts and implemented remote or staggered shifts to follow social-distancing recommendations, including asking employees that can work from home to do so.

For our communities

We are following and adhering to local regulation and guidance in the communities where we operate. We’re also giving back: our facilities and employees around the globe are helping to address local impacts of COVID-19 as we all combat this pandemic together.

WATCH how AGCO Grain & Protein – Greater Asia has kept our facility running under strict health & safety guidelines