Hi-Lo Pan Feeder

Joanne Lim

When it comes to poultry, we wanted our birds to be in excellent growth and health. A happy bird is a well-fed bird. ​A Two-Stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the idea behind Cumberland’s revolutionary Hi-Lo Pan Feeding System. The Hi-Lo pan feeder represents a unique concept in the poultry industry, using one feeder to take from day-old through adult. The first ten days of a broiler chick is critical. The Hi-Lo pan feeder can start on the house floor, presenting a lip height of 2.1” (5.33cm), the average height of traditional “chick lids”. As the bird grows, the feeding line needs to be raised. The Hi-Lo is able to expand into a 3.5” (8.89cm) deep pan. The higher wall and feed saver lip prevent waste from raking and spill out. Putting the birds’ comfort and farmers’ convenience at first place, the Hi-Lo is thoughtfully engineered for assuring both farmers’ and birds’ satisfaction.

Key Features

Smooth Edge Ring Design
The high wall reduces feed waste from birds’ pecking, saving feed cost and increasing FCR. Smooth finishing ensures healthy and beautiful birds without scratches or rashes. Fit your feeding style the best. Low level for accurate feeding control, high level for energy cost efficiency.

Feed Depth Control
Measures directly from the bottom of the pan, assuring all birds a consistent and even supply for fresh feed.

360° Action
The drop tube and grill allow a play in 360°, reducing bruising and injury to the birds

Feed Depth Control
This prevents feed wastage from pecking, maximizes the FCR.

Telescoping Drop Tube
The telescoping drop tube automatically compensates for uneven floor conditions. The drop tube is available in either the standard one piece or optional two pieces design

Tips to optimise feed consumption & conversion with Pat Meggs

Auto Flushing System

Acelyn Goh

Automatic flushing system from AGCO Grain & Protein that:

  1. consistently times the flushing of the watering lines and,
  2. can clear out warm water via temperature sensing for cooler fresh water.

► To supply fresh water for the poultry in the warmer period of the day through the controller that can drive up to 6 lines of nipple lines

► Easy and fast installation; Can be retrofitted into any Cumberland watering system and some brands of watering system

► Regular flushing cleans out lines to prevent buildup of biofilm that associated with bacteria growth. Thus, better water, more effective water vaccination and medication.

► Reliable and definite schedule and duration of flushing. ► Saves manpower hours in farm by automating the flushing routine process especially in multi-tiered cages system

AGCO EDGE system shined during Livestock Asia 2018

Acelyn Goh

Livestock Asia 2018 is considered as one of the most influential agricultural shows in ASEAN region. As the leader in agriculture equipment industry, we are proudly presenting the EDGE controller- the most advanced cloud based IoT smart farming solution in the market and its complete pairable smart devices.

We are exhibiting together with Chop Cheong Bee Sdn Bhd, who is awarded as the “Outstanding Broiler Farm” in Malaysia Livestock Industry Award 2018, and also one of EDGE controller customers. Our EDGE system attracted an overwhelming crowd from local and overseas, including the special guests: Deputy Minister of MARD, Mr. Tran Thanh Nam and Commercial Counsellor, Mr. Quoc Anh from Vietnam embassy.

Lanka Livestock 2017

Acelyn Goh

Sri Lanka had its first International Feed, Livestock and Animal health Exhibition on the 20th of July to the 22nd of July, 2017. AGCO GSI (Malaysia) collaborated with our dealer, Bodum Engineering Solutions (PVT) LTD in the participation of this event.

Hosted by the National Livestock Development Board, and opened by a respected and honorable guest, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, LANKALIVESTOCK’ 17 is the premiere congregation platform for suppliers of agriculture, feed and livestock production equipment and supplies to meet farmers, plantation owners, feed producers, veterinarians, processors and integrators in the fast-growing Sri Lanka livestock market. As the leading poultry and swine equipment expert, AGCO GSI (Malaysia) utilized this valuable opportunity to show our forward-thinking complete integrated solutions.

This event came with a great opportunity to present and promote our innovative technology, systems and equipment to the public. The reaction of the crowd throughout this event was indeed fruitful and positive.


Drying and Heat Treatment with Cimbria’s DANTOASTER

Acelyn Goh

A combination of theoretical know-how and practical experience has made Cimbria a recognized supplier of these heat treatment systems.

The Cimbria Dantoaster is increasingly used as a high capacity low-cost technology for heat treatment and can often be used as an alternative to more energy intensive technologies.

Designed for Flexibility

The design of the Dantoasteris optimized for multiple applications such as high temperature grain drying, sterilization, gelatinization and toasting. The Dantoaster will ensure a value-added end product regardless of whether it is used for production of feed for pigs, cows, mink, chickens, pet food, or in the food industry for products such as breakfast cereals, sprinkles etc.

The Dantoaster has also proven itself as an energy-ecient and compact drying solution for dicult products such as lime stone and manure, just as extremely wet – almost liquid – product can be handled, exploiting the system’s qualities of high capacity and low energy consumption.

Meeting Increasingly Stringent Requirements

Sterilizing raw materials used in food production leads to a thousand-fold reduction in the germ count. This results in a product which is not only much better suited for storage, but also much less prone to the development of mycotoxins. The process enables a manufacturer to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for better methods of storage and product quality.

Toxins In Fodder And Food

Micro-organisms and their waste products in food and animal fodder represent a serious problem for both human and animals. Such problems include salmonella in chickens, aatoxin in dried fruit, and ochratoxin in pig feed. Today, it is already common practice to sterilize large quantities of corn for inclusion in many diferent feed products in order to minimize the risk of sickness occurring in animals during their critical period of growth. Aquaculture is another example of an area that is receiving an ever-increasing amount of attention, since requirements for quality feed also play a vital role here.

All You Need to Know about R-Value in 5 mins

Acelyn Goh

R-Value is a measurement of resistance to heat flow throughout a given thickness of material; the higher the R-Value, the greater the resistance.

It is the overall of an insulation material to resist (retard) heat flow, taking into account both the thermal conductivity (K value) and the thickness of an insulation material. It is used to calculate overall heat transmission coefficients and is expressed as m² ºK/W.

What does R-Value mean to your farm business?
Livestock need an optimal living environment to grow. Structure with Higher R-Value insulation will maintain farm house temperature at a comfortable zoon much better, and maximize energy savings, which brings a better productivity. That’s why GSI building crafted its structure with top heat resistance profile, for example the ceiling and sidewalls with a standard R-Value as high as 12 (higher R value is optional upon customer request).

Thanks to GSI’s superb heat resistance performance, livestock procure optimal living conditions, water and electricity cost will be minimized, and farm owner will enjoy a higher ROI in the long run. Investing in GSI structure is a wise choice.

Two new modular devices pushed the EDGE controller to greater heights

Acelyn Goh

EDGE, the NEXT generation of controllers from AGCO, has  simplified farm house supervision and maintenance for everyone, and brought modern farm management upto a new level. It has made modern farming possible with its simplicity and complex control abilities.

The EDGE is always one step ahead from other farming controllers, where it has made measuring inputs such as ventilation, feed and  watering systems much easier for us.

On top of that, EDGE is even better with new parable devices: EDGE Bird scale and Bin Scale. There is no limit to what EDGE can do for your operation.

GSI Cumberland shone brightly at International Poultry Show (Dhaka)

Acelyn Goh

We participated in the International Poultry Show & Seminar (IPSS) from 2nd March to 4th March 2017 at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The conference covers major agricultural segments including livestock equipment. As world leading livestock equipment expert, we presented our poultry equipment.

Our visitors were exposed to our products and services and they were very interested in what we conveyed. We also seized this opportunity to demonstrate how some of our products works and the benefits of it and the response we received were very positive and overwhelming. The way our team conveyed to the crowd brought huge amount of attention and equities.

Our Cumberland Modular Cage System was very popular and received many thumbs-up throughout the show. Its washable and total sanitation control options caught many of our visitor’s attention. As for our Hi-Lo Plus, it received a high commendation for its flood ability, high-low adjustable features and exterial adjust ring design. The viewers believe this concept was very beneficial to their livestock.

AGCO GSI Dominated VIV Asia 2017

Acelyn Goh

VIV Asia is one of the biggest agriculture exhibitions in Asia region, gathering over 900 brands from all over the world. AGCO GSI is proud to participate in this event, showcasing our innovative driven technology. In addition, this is our first time since acquisition of C-lines, TECNO and Farmer Automatic by AGCO, and presented in VIV 2017 as one big family. We occupied 240 sqm in total over three booths, projecting a domineering presence at the show.

AGCO GSI utilized 120 sqm booth to demonstrate both poultry and swine products in three distinctive sections. At the poultry side, we featured Cumberland’s feeding and watering line, controllers, alarms and flooring; at the swine side we focus on drop feeders, stainless steel feeder, flooring and planking. Lastly we have cages from Farmer Automatic and  genset from AGCO Power.

GSI booth received continuous visitors throughout the show. The visitors showed very positive reactions towards our products.

The Hi-Lo Plus feeding pan drew a lot of attention because of its intelligent functionality offered throughout entire poultry production cycle with its convenient feeding level adjustment. The EDGE controller is crowded with visitors for its forward-thinking design, practical and powerful ability, and thoughtful user-friendly. Stainless steel feeder also received thumbs-up from visitors for its simplicity, durable material and sturdy craftsmanship.

VIV Asia 2017 was definitely a success. We appreciate all our visitors’, staffs, and contractors that made this event  memorable and great.

TECNO Europe Layer Farms Project Visit

Acelyn Goh

On the 23rd of May 2017, AGCO GSI designated a representative, Mr. Ong Cheng Beng, to 3 TECNO Layer farms in Shrewsbury (UK), Lombardy (Italy) and Laer (Germany). The trip was joined up with some of CP China’s representatives and they spent a period of 23 days in these countries.

The objective of this trip was to observe, study, and contemplate the ways these farms are managed. During this trip, a few factors were focused on, such as the layers systems, ventilation systems, and the overall farm set ups. Griffiths Oaklands, UK, has been applying Tecno’s cages for over 20 years and CP China was very interested to analyze the current condition and longevity of the cages.

It was found that the eggs production of free range birds contains more nutrition compared to caged birds, but in terms of production quantity, caged birds are still in the lead, which is of the reasons why free range eggs have a higher price compared to caged eggs. As the majority of today’s consumers are more concern about health benefits, the free range bird concept will surely be
practiced in local mass production farms in the near future.

The observation highlight was on the minimal ventilation system that was applied in these farms. It is important that the livestock gets the right amount of natural air regardless the cold weather outside the farm house. This minimal ventilation system will be taken into consideration and is applicable in other cold countries. Besides that, it can also be beneficial and effective in hot climate
region during brooding and raising baby chicks, by utilizing outside temperature.

This trip has benefited us with some good information. With the study and data collected, we can begin preparation and innovation for the next decade.


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