Classic II

The proven and advanced Farmer Automatic Classic II housing system for layers that is available with 3 up to 12 tiers depending on customer’s requirements. Farmer Automatic construction kit principle with pin and tube system provides more stability and strength to the cage blocks. Critical system components are hot-dip galvanized for excellent corrosion protection and a long service life, thus reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Easily Removable Floor Grates

Specially shaped floor grates are freely supported and can easily be replaced manually, if needed. This keeps staff levels and costs low. The premium-quality ZINAL5® standard coating, which is comprised of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum, offers triple corrosion protection for floor sections including welded joints.

Automatic Water Supply

The Farmer Automatic Classic II housing system has central dispensers and outside dispensers that can be operated via a water tank or a pressure regulator with a flush unit that guarantees a continuous supply of fresh and clean water to the livestock. The system’s drinker lines are equipped with corrosion resistant stainless steel nipples.

Hinged Doors and Breast Protectors

The specially developed hinged doors provide a smooth surface that significantly reduces feather loss. Plastic breast protectors located on the edge of the feed trough provide further protection against feather loss and injury.

Manure Belt Rollers

Farmer Automatic’s unique roller-guided manure belt system provides low-wear operation in longer systems. Low rolling resistance means that less drive power is required, which increases the service life of the manure belt.

Compact Design

The system’s compact design enables efficient use of floor space. The result is an optimal stocking density in compliance with the local regulations. The special design also allows easy monitoring of the livestock in the system. The Farmer Automatic Classic II system for layers is designed with these features to ensure maximum productivity.


The patented EGGSAVER® ensures gentle delivery of the eggs onto the belt. This helps to prevent breakage and hairline cracks.