Classic Pullet


Classic Pullet rearing System for Layers

The Farmer automatic Classic Pullet system is a compact rearing system for layers. It is characterized by its sturdy construction and excellent visibility. This guarantees easy monitoring of the system and livestock, thus enabling fast, efficient operation.

With its intelligent design features, Classic Pullet supports optimum physical development of the pullets and thus promotes rearing of healthy layers.


Adjustable Access to Feed Trough

Continuously adjustable access to the feed trough prevents pullets from falling into the feed trough. This prevents the feed from being contaminated by manure, thus promoting livestock health and also avoiding potential feed waste.

Swing Doors

The system is equipped with two swing doors. Optionally, a swing door which is flanked on the left and right by a narrow grating is also offered. This ensures easy access to the livestock in the section, thus minimizing time and staff overheads.

Height-adjustable Water Lines

The height of the water lines can be adjusted centrally to match the growth of the pullets. This guarantees a continuous supply of fresh, clean water to the animals, allowing them to grow under optimum conditions. Thanks to the good accessibility of the water supply, the livestock wastes very little water. This reduces water costs and at the same time the risk of corrosion for the system.

Hot-dip Galvanized Components

Functionally critical system components are hot-dip galvanized for excellent corrosion protection and a long service life, thus reducing maintenance and operating  costs.

ZINAL5® Floor Grates

The premium quality ZinaL5® standard coating on the Farmer automatic floor grates is comprised of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum. ZinaL5® offers triple corrosion protection – for floor sectio ns including welded joints. This improves the longevity of the grate and improves the livestock’s well-being by providing a more comfortable walking environment and reducing callus formation.