Excellent Egg Quality

The Classic housing system ensures excellent egg quality. Special PA/polyamide protective-coated floor grates* prevent roll marks on the eggs. Isolating the egg belt from the floor grate prevents vibrations from being transferred to the egg belt, thus largely avoiding damage to eggs. Excellent egg quality is also ensured by the patented EGGSAVER® system, as it prevents collisions with the eggs already on the belt. The Pro Soft Elevator or Finger Elevator* then ensure fast but gentle egg collection downstream.

Effcient Egg Collection

The Classic housing system offers effcient and gentle egg collection. Various egg belts* and the Pro Soft Elevator or Finger Elevator* guarantee safe and rapid transport of the eggs to the packing station.

High Standard of Hygiene and Low Disease Risk

The Classic housing system supports a high standard of hygiene in the system. It has special floor grates that prevent manure from sticking to them. Manure belts on each tier prevent direct contact between the livestock and the manure. Manure is safely transported via the manure belt and discharged from the system by a cross-conveyor. This signifcantly reduces ammonia build-up and vermin infestation. In addition a manure belt aeration tube* is available for the system. Aeration has a positive impact on the system hygiene by helping to dry the manure. At the same time, Farmer Automatic manure belt scrapers guarantee clean manure belts, thus minimizing the risk of diseases.