Broiler Growing System

The Farmer Automatic Broiler system is a growing system with a high level of automation for fast, convenient management of both the mechanical operations and the livestock. The system can be configured for up to four tiers to maximize utilization of available floor space and to optimize stocking density.

The unique perforated plastic mat provides an easy-to-clean surface that is gentle on the livestock. The Broiler Plus version offers the same properties and benefi­ts, but different system widths to accommodate other building sizes.

Perforated Plastic Mat

The soft and stable floor of perforated plastic matting is perfectly suited for broilers. It prevents breast and foot injuries and promotes the well-being of the livestock. Better meat quality contributes to greater profitability. Additionally, the perforated mats prevent direct contact between the livestock and their manure, which helps to maintain livestock health and a high standard of hygiene.


Automated Livestock Removal

After removing the floors, birds are transported along the manure belt and elevated by an automated lift system to the Broiler cross conveyor, which gently delivers them to the loading bay. This system has the advantage of making the livestock removal process very fast and efficient, which saves time and minimizes staff levels.


Generous Clearance between Section Floor and Manure Belt

Generous clearance between the floor and the manure belt ensures fast and efficient livestock removal. The birds remain calm, which helps to avoid injuries.


Mechanical Control of the Tier

The manure belt on each tier can be individually controlled. This means that only the belt that is being cleared actually needs to run. This reduces power consumption and at the same time, operating costs.


Removable Floors

The perforated floors can easily be removed individually. This supports thorough cleaning of the floor and the system as a whole. Optional folding floors* are available for especially narrow aisles, which helps to improve efficiency and productivity despite cramped conditions.


Height-adjustable Feed and Water Supply

The feed and water supply lines for the livestock are height-adjustable and can be perfectly adapted to match bird growth to ensure a high level of flock uniformity.


Hot-dip Galvanized Components

Functionally critical system components are hot-dip galvanized to ensure excellent corrosion protection and a long service life. This reduces maintenance overheads and operating costs.