Tecno Cage

Tecno has developed a range of systems in different configurations, all sturdy and easy to assemble to satisfy all expectations and then go beyond them. The A frame structure is made to be sturdy. They are all made in hot deep galvanized after welding. The Niagara Systems allows picking all the eggs from all tiers at the same time.

Manure Removal

The manure of the upper tiers is removed by stainless steel scrapers in the middle of the cage end then in the pit below. The manure of the bottom tier goes directly in the pit below the cage.

Niagara System

This system allows picking all the eggs from all tiers at the same time. A table can be installed after Niagara to pick up the eggs.

Feeding and Watering System

The trolley with hoppers is equipped with mobile levelers that guarantee uniform distribution of the feed in the troughs. The nipple drinker is fitted on each partition. In the ‘Plus’ versions, the quantity and location on the nipples installed varies according to the number of birds and the size of the cell.

Enrichment Comfort Plus

Tecno has patented a plastic nest bottom, complying with standards, shaped in such a way that it does not retain any manure, feathers or dust. Perches are also available and it comes in oval shape that makes it comfortable for hen to stay on the perch.