Electrical systems must work without interruptions when human lives, safety and continuous production are at stake. If the power grid fails, the power station must step up immediately.


AG series diesel generator sets can be used for back-up and primary power. They offer reliability for example to agriculture, industry, hospitals, data centres, fire and rescue departments as well as water utilities, power stations and electric plants.

The AG series includes six generator sets in the power range 60-250 kVA. The generators are available as open models for machine rooms and equipment shelters or with sound attenuated enclosures as ready-to-use outdoor models.


  • Power range 60-250 kVA
  • Open model for machine rooms and equipment shelter
  • Sound attenuated enclosure models (canopy)
  • AGCO POWER diesel engines
  • Variety of control options to fit every locations
  • High level product development to meet demands from coldness of Lappland to heat of Africa


Special attention has been paid to the usability of all the genset operations. The vast array of control functions are easily accessed through InteliNano, InteliLite and InteliGen control units.

The control units also have the option of remote control operations, including mobile devices.

Available operating modes:

  • Manual start
  • Automatic start after grid failure
  • Automatic synchronisation / Peak shaving


AGCO Power has manufactured diesel generators from 1952. The decades in business have included all sorts of generating sets to hospitals, industry, data centers, military and agricultural customers. Our main product is our AG-series with our own excellent engines, but we have the expertise and know-how with good history to build complex projects when needed.


  • stand-by power generation
  • prime power generation
  • peak shaving

When used as stand-by power system, the automatic generating sets start providing electricity in less than 10 seconds from power grid failure and stop automatically once the electricity in main grid is reliable again.

Generating set are typically used for Prime power generation in locations where there is main grid available. Generating set may even be more cost-effective solution than a new power connection to a remote location.

Peak shaving generators are used to produce electricity during high peaks consumption. This may save you when you don’t have to oversize a grid connection because of one or two big loads that are used only occasionally. All of our standard series units with InteliGen control panel have this functionality.

AG-Series, 60 (250 kVA)

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AG90, open model / skid model

AG90, Sound attenuated model