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With decades of experience in grain bin manufacturing, GSI has the resources, experience, bin styles, bin capacities, and accessories necessary to solve the most complex challenges.

CHT’s are typically used in applications where routine clean out is required, or to reduce the energy and labor cost of material handling. GSI offers three different hopper slopes to accommodate

GSI offers several bin unload options including belt and direct gear drive sweeps, U-trough, and power heads. Our ability to provide the “complete package” removes the hassle of pricing multiple vendors to get the job done.

No farm storage system will store grain for any length of time without proper aeration. That’s why GSI manufactures reliable fans and heaters, all with features designed to reduce energy costs and boost performance.

GSI temporary storage systems are an effective and cost efficient way to increase your storage capacity. We offer a full line of pile options designed for fast and easy storage.

We’re serious about efficiency and nothing is more efficient than GSI’s Top Dry System. Grain dryer and storage bin combined, this system recycles drying heat, automatically gravity dumps to the storage chamber after drying, and can store grain like any other grain bin.

With a seemingly endless number of square and rectangular combinations, InterSystems’ modular Bolted Bins offer the ultimate in flexibility for storage of batching ingredients or commodities.

GSI’s X-Series Ladders feature step through platforms and are mounted 90 degrees to the sidewall to eliminate toe hazards such as stiffeners, windrings and other bracketry.


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GSI has built a full line of in bin drying products on our historical knowledge of air flow and heating. In bin dryers offer the highest grain quality with various management techniques. In bin dryers can be the right option for you if you have smaller storage bins spread across multiple sites, or a specialty application like rice.

When drying capacities exceed the ability of a standard bin dryer, GSI’s Continuous Flow Dryers will cover any requirement. Our Portable, Stack and Modular Tower dryers meet nearly any need on Farm and our two Commercial Tower Dryers provide the highest capacities available today.

GSI’s optional WatchDog™ System puts the control in your hands by allowing producers to remotely monitor and control their dryer from any web accessible device. This innovative technology gives producers the freedom to leave the farm with peace of mind knowing that they are always only one click away. WatchDog™ can be installed on any GSI dryer with Vision Controls.


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GSI bucket elevators are designed to perform day after day, whether you are loading out daily from your facility or pushing through harvest. A reliable GSI bucket elevator gives you maximum throughput and less grain damage, ensuring your operation is efficient. With an array of sizes, finishes, and options each bucket elevator is designed to meet your specific needs, specialized to your operation.

Whether you’re receiving through harvest or loading out to meet a delivery commitment, you must be able to move your grain gently and efficiently. GSI conveyors are hard at work on farms, grain elevators, and in processing plants across the world. Our durable construction and heavy duty designs meets your demands.

GSI Enclosed Belt Conveyors feature a heavy-duty design and innovative features to maximize performance, simplify maintenance and increase product life.

With the acquisition of DMC, GSI began offering air systems in 1997. These systems move your grain through tubes using air, minimizing damage while maximizing efficiency and convenience. With an air system, you can change and maintain bins from the ground, avoiding air servicing. Here you can easily find the air system that will integrate seamlessly with your GSI dryer or expand your system just by laying more tube.

Moving your grain accurately and efficiently is reliant on the performance of your distributor. GSI’s distributors are designed to seamlessly direct your grain where it needs to go while preserving grain quality. Available in flat or winged back configurations in multiple discharges and diameters, GSI has the distributor for your operation.

InterSystems’ line of gravity screeners removes broken kernels, dirt, and other foreign material with nominal operating expense, and may lead to operational cost savings. Rather than relying on an external power source, InterSystems’ screeners are designed to work solely off gravity after the discharge. FM (Foreign Material or “fines”) is removed by allowing the smaller particles to pass through product-specific screens.

Micro ingredient systems help reduce manufacturing costs, increase plant efficiency, provide better traceability and inventory control, and offer a safer environment. InterSystems offers both weight gain and weight loss systems to help accurately and precisely control ingredient batch weighing.

InterSystems’ Automatic Samplers adapt readily to your particular application, regardless of capacity, layout or material – all backed by decades of industry success. Sample delivery units are used to transport bulk samples from one point to another, reducing labor costs with efficient motor operation of blower and air lock. A variety of automatic controls and collection systems options offers more opportunities to create the sampling system that best fits your needs.

InterSystems provides accurate weighing of free-flowing bulk materials through our line of Bulk Weighers, first introduced in 1978. Over 500 systems currently in service were designed and manufactured to have the dependability and durability for an extended life.

InterSystems’ Truck Probes provide representative and repeatable samples of grain, pellets, chips, flakes, granules and powders from trucks, rail cars, ships, tubs and other vessels. The heavy carbon steel stand, mast and boom support the double-wall steel sample probe, powered by a rugged hydraulic unit

QuickBolt™ Towers feature fewer bolts, less pieces and a time saving platform design for more efficient on-site assembly. Our unique, industry leading design is available for bucket elevators, support towers, and catwalk support towers.

QuickBolt™ Catwalks lead the industry with an innovative design that simplifies field assembly. Customize your catwalk to fit your needs by adding handrail or walk-thru trusses, or with pans well over 200’ – no matter what fits your operation, QuickBolt Catwalks will save you time in the field.

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