Community Nesting System


  • Open Top roof design convenient access for egg collection in the event of a power failure. It allows easier clean-out, maintenance and belt inspection without extensive and time consuming disassembly. 
  • All exposed metal edges are hammed or rolled to eliminate bird injury or bruising. 
  • Crushed leaf nest pads, durable and easy to clean.
  • A simple but effective anti-roost device, and a steep pitch roof, keep birds from roosting on the houses.
  • Nest bottom has large openings from the front of the nest to the back keeping litter from building up without losing any strength. It’s contoured design helps funnel eggs to the belt with ease.
  • Cumberland poultry flooring reduces foot pad and leg problems often experienced with wood slats and will easily outlast them.
  • No special tools required while installation.
  • Low speed motorize Expulsion System reduces broodiness.
comm nest 2