EDGE Controller

EDGE is a single platform that is versatile and intuitive allowing it to handle all control applications. The unique design makes EDGE the only controller on the market that can be configured to match your operation’s specific requirements. It is also flexible enough to be adapted to new construction or existing system upgrades. Throughout your animals’ growth stages, you and EDGE are in control, managing and monitoring ventilation, cooling, heating, feeding and watering systems.


The TC-PRO Series comes with 2 different models: TC-PRO and TC-PRO Plus. It also allows some add-on options such as Expansion Box, CO2 Sensor, Humidity Transmitter and more. With these available options, farmers can now choose the controller based on their farm house requirements.


The TC5 Series ventilation controls are sophisticated yet simple to program and operate. The TC5 makes temperature control for poultry or swine production easy and intuitive.

Electronic Controller Expert LA

Precise control of temperature, airflow, weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting is a must for achieving top profits. Connecting these elements together into one cost-effective and easy-to-operate management system is even more critical

Bird Scale

The Featherweight Bird Scale II can monitor up to 4 platforms, typically 2 per house. Each scale has an independent reading. Featherweight is I-Box compatible providing real time access to the information you need to help birds get to the desired target weight

Environmental Electrical Control Panel

Your farm requires a durable and dependable electrical panel like ours. Control the application of ventilation, feeding, lighting and winching all from one box. The modular nature enables add-ons as needed..