Bird Scale


  • Easy to use
  • Push-button access to information
  • Gives important daily information:
  1. Average and number of weight
  2. Standard deviation, uniformity and daily gain
  • Weigh your birds 24 hours a day
  • Featherweight can have up to 4 platforms – 2 in each house. Each platform has an independent reading. Any platform can be assigned to house 1 or house 2.
  • Help you reduce mortality
  • Help you reach your desired target

Attractive platform encourage birds to hop onto the scale. The more weight hits each day, the more accurate the house average weight will be. This broiler hanging scale kit includes the bird platform and the LCT-1 load cell.

  • Maximum weight 50kg
  • Trade quality load cell
  • Load cell is located above the platform away from the litter
  • Litter and manure build up do not influence weighing accuracy
  • No electrical wires under the platform