TC4-4SD – 4 Steps Controller


  • Four ON/OFF climate controller for fan or heat
  • Up to four fan outputs
  • Up to two heat outputs
  • Minimum ventilation ON/OFF timer
  • Automatic temperature reduction


The TC4-8SD is an electronic device used for environmental control in livestock buildings. It allows the user to maintain a specified target temperature by controlling the operation of ventilation and heating equipment. Six stages of constant-speed fans can be connected to the controller, as well as two stages of either constant speed fans or heating units.


Three-Digit Display
A three-digit display provides a high level of accuracy, allowing the user to specify a tem

Pilot Lights Indicating State Of Outputs
Pilot lights indicating the state of outputs allow the user to monitor the operation of the system without having to enter the building.

Minimum Ventilation Cycle
When ventilation is not required for cooling, the first stage fans can be operated either continuously or intermittently to reduce the level of humidity and supply oxygen to the room.

Minimum Ventilation Compensation Curve
An outside probe can be connected to the controller to adjust the minimum ventilation cycle as a function of outside temperature.

Temperature Curve
The controller can be set to automatically change the temperature set point over a given period of time in accordance with the user’s requirements by specifying a temperature curve with up to six different points.

Four Independent Temperature Probe Inputs
Up to four temperature probes can be connected to the controller in order to obtain a more accurate reading of the average ambient temperature and a faster reaction time.

Overload And Over-voltage Protection
Fuses are installed at the input and outputs of the controller to protect its circuitry in the case of an overload or over voltage.

Computer Control
The controller can be connected to a computer, thus making it possible to centralize the management of information and diversify control strategies.

Control Of Air Inlet Movement
If the TC4-8SD is used in combination with a PF-5 controller, the movement of the air inlets can be coordinated with the operation of the fans using a potentiometer located on the panel drive. This allows the air inlets to be adjusted correctly, without the influence of uncontrollable factors such as wind or air from adjoining rooms.