TC-PRO Controller

The TC-PRO is a generation of farm controllers ideally built for accurate farm house climate controls. However, the TC-Pro can do more  than just controlling the environment. It has the ability to handle multiple control applications, such as monitoring and managing the feed system and livestock growth with its additional relay options.

Throughout your livestock’s growing stages, you can be in control in monitoring and managing the ventilation system, farm house environment, lighting and more.


  • Full Colour Touchscreen
    Navigation at its simplest form with a 7 inch colour touchscreen allowing full control under your fingertips. With this user friendly digitalized concept, it gives easy accessibility to users, whilst being able to operate the device efficiently.
  • Information at a Glance
    Data monitoring and management is so easy with the TC-Pro. Everything you need to know is on the screen right in front of you and ready for your navigation. It provides notifications that gives you real-time status of your entire operation.
  • Security
    Although this device has easy accessibility, it also consists of a password security system that prevents tampering by unauthorized personnel
  • Data Export
    Being able to store and backup your data will benefit you in the long run. It allows farmers to study, understand and compare data from different timelines to observe areas that can be improved upon or maintained.
  • Data Analysis
    The data generated and collected from the system can be a very valuable business management tool. With a data analysis feature, you can now set benchmarks, produce customized reports, view history of data and ultimately discover areas that can be improved
  • Multiple inputs
    Controlling the environment of your farm house is just the essence of this controller; with the availability of multiple inputs, you can monitor and manage the humidity, CO2 sensor, bird weight and feed silo weight. 
  • Alarm System
    The TC-Pro’s effective alarm system will immediately notify farmers of errors happening in the farm house immediately. This will allow farmers to take immediate action on such errors and any other malfunctions happening in the farm house; thus preventing any damage or loss of livestock.
  • Inlet Curtain and Air Inlet Control
    Opening and closing your farm’s inlets has never been so easy, until now. With the option of air inlet/curtain inlet control, farmers can now control the curtain position with ease at the press of a button.
  • Feed Management
    The TC-Pro also comes with an option for silo weighing. You can now monitor the feed weight with ease and at the same time, analyze the feed consumption of your livestock. The silo weigher is capable of monitoring up to 4 silos. 
  • Growth Management
    Monitoring birds growth can be tricky at times without the right equipment. With our bird scale feature, farmers can monitor the bird’s weight at a timely basis. Analyzing your birds growing curve has never been so easy.



  • 6 fan groups including 1 minimum ventilation group with on/off timer
  • 1 heater
  • 1 cooling with on/off timer
  • 1 alarm for high/ low temp
  • 1 light timer



  • 5 fan groups including 1 minimum ventilation group with on/off timer
  • 1 heater
  • 1 cooling with on/off timer
  • 1 alarm for high/ low temp
  • 1 air inlet or inlet curtain


(Additional 10 relays)


  • 9 fan groups including 1 minimum ventilation group with on/off timer
  • 3 heater
  • 1 cooling with on/off timer
  • 1 curtain inlet
  • 1 air inlet 
  • 1 light timer
  • 1 feed timer
  • 1 alarm for high/ low temp
  • Temperature reduction curve
  • Minimum ventilation curve
  • 3 stage climate control
    • Cross ventilation
    • Transition ventilation
    • Tunnel ventilation