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Protect the health of your investment with a properly controlled curtain system. Cumberland’s curtain machines deliver powerful performance and reliable operation with durable components to withstand a rigorous environment.

PowerTrak Linear Drive and Systems

The superior quality and design of the PowerTrak has produced maximum performance and efficiency. This model is a second generation of super strength power pulley systems introduced by Cumberland. It has been completely redesigned with service in mind and boasts many performance and durability enhancing features while maintaining the strong points of its popular predecessors, Power Curtain and Power Vent.

PowerTrak Optional Chain and Sprocket

Depend on the superior quality and design of Cumberland power systems for maximum performance and efficiency. A proven standard in vent applications was set with the introduction of the optional Chain and Sprocket PowerTrak which minimizes alignment problems and cable breakage in vent applications.

  • Upper and lower auxiliary contacts for enhanced evolution features
  • 15% increase in load block support surface for greater life
  • Convenient hinged springlock door that is easily removed
  • Channel lock “trak-drive” system captures load block
  • Built in head bracket with needle bearing pulleys
  • Easy adjust springcam limit switch system
  • Modular construction for ease of service
  • Greater protection from the elements
  • 5,000 pound capacity

Emergency Curtain Drop Curt-O-Matic II and III

  • 5 minutes time delay
  • Simple 3-wire hookup
  • Available in 120, 208 or 240 volt models
  • 5 years product defect warranty
  • Curtain chain kit
  • Easy installation
  • Curt-O-Matic III can be hooked u p to your alarm system’s electronic audible, to signal alarm if arm on system should drop 

Protect the health of your investment with a properly controlled curtain system



Designed for a wall or ceiling mounted indoor installation and will provide a more cost effective way to operate your vent inlet applications

curtain close

Curtain Closed

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Curtain Open