Gen 1

GSI evaporative utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress. Cumberland offers two different styles of Komfort Kooler. The Closed Top System has been an industry favorite for many years. Made of ultraviolet stabilized PVC, this system offers great durability and longevity for the poultry environment. In addition, Cumberland’s rapidly growing Open Top System is available. This design offers the grower easy access to manage and maintain their evaporative cooling system and utilizes a combination of PVC and the highest quality of stainless steel or aluminum for years of dependable operation. Komfort Kooler Systems will adapt to new and existing poultry facilities.


Water Troughs

GSI’s pre-formed square trough serves as a 3 gallon per lineal foot (44.8 liters per meter) water reservoir. Constructed of corrosion proof, ultra-violet stabilized PVC components, the trough allows unevaporated water to be recirculated back to the holding tank. A perforated tray snaps to the trough to hold pads firmly in place. Injection molded end caps and couplers speed installation.

Komfort Kooler Jet Pump

  • No start switch.
  • All jet pump kits will be factory assembled for easy field installation.
  • Our new motor is a 3/4hp 208/230v -50/60Hz continuous duty CSA approved motor.
  • This motor will also mount to the wet end of any previous model Jet Pump Kits.

Open Top Design

Made of high quality stainless steel or aluminum, this system will give years of dependable operation under the harshest conditions. The Open Top design allows you to see the water jets and easily check water pressure. It also offers access to the spray bar for cleaning. Pre-punched and heavy duty stainless steel components help simplify.