EZ Flood Pan


A Single Stage Pan is the Revolution of the Hi-Lo Pan Concept 

The EZ Flood Pan is suited for day old chick till full grown. It is made from high quality plastic and material with high corrosion resistance and UV resistance capabilities.


EZ Grilles Design
Allow day old chicks to access the feed without any restrictions.

Window Feed Control

  • Close Window Position– Reduce feed level right after brooding.
  • Open Window Position– Distribute flood feed evenly to attract chicks from day one.


The design of Hi-Lo concept window gives maximum flood feed when it is seated on the floor.
The shallow pas is designed with a saving lip of anti feed waste to allow day old chicks to access the feed easily.

When the feeder is winched up above the floor, the flood feed window will shut off and minimize the feed to flow through the saving ring.

Window Feed Control

Closed Window and Open Window Position

360 Degrees Rotation

Flood feed Position

Non Flood Minimum Feed Position