purafire heater

With one of the lowest carbon monoxide outputs in the industry (CO emissions of 5 parts per million), Cumberland’s PuraFire heaters are available in C225 (225,000 BTUH). Each heater is LP or natural gas compatible and can be mounted inside or outside any house. There heaters are constructed of tough, rust-resistant galvanized steel for long life and durability.

PuraFire’s bottom-draw intake better controls the air flow into and throughout the entire unit and provides a more efficient mix of air and gas. Cool air, channeled along the inside casing, creates a buffer that keeps the outside cooler (not hot to the touch). This air pattern results in a unique bent flame design, which greatly increases the flame’s surface area and heat chamber efficiency.



  • Consistent, clean burning source of warmth with near 100% fuel efficiency
  • Thermostat operated
  • Intelligent trouble-shooting safety features
  • In case of flame failure, an automatic fan shut down stops drafts and gas control lockout prevents gas from escaping
  • 30% gas saving vs conventional brooder
  • Bottom-draw intake better controls air flow
  • “Bent flame” design greatly increases flame surface area and heat chamber efficiency
  • Outside is not hot to the touch
  • Motor assembly, blower, gas valve, control panel and other components are protected from moisture, dirt and dust
  • Swinging doors on each side allow access to all working parts
  • Even heat distribution