Attic Vents & Vent Doors

Cumberland’s Attic Vent System is precision engineered to extract solar heat from the attic space so it can be used as a valuable heat source to reduce BTU’s of heat supplied by brooder or heater. This unique and innovative design is cost effective, green energy, durable and easy to install.



Vents are operated with a linear actuator or curtain machine and are controlled by your ventilation controller.

Unique Door Design

Exceptional air mixing due to the curved door profile which provides proper air velocity directing warm air from the attic into the house.

House Conditions

Significant benefits to GSI’s Attic Vents are drier litter and lower ammonia concentration levels, thus providing a better in house environment for the bird.

Fuel Savings

Mixing warm air from the attic with house air during minimum ventilation reduces fuel consumption as compared to using cold air through sidewall inlets. Fuel savings can vary depending on management, house construction and climate.

Retrofit Friendly

The Attic Vent System is designed to be retrofit friendly in most drop ceiling poultry houses.

Sidewall Vent Doors

Cumberland’s vent doors are used in poultry applications where transitional ventilation is required. All galvanized construction and simple to install. These doors are maintenance free and will provide optimum circulation for many years.

  • Plastic curved door directs fresh air into the house along
    the ceiling toward the peak for gentle air mixing without
    downdrafts on the birds and is ideal for wider poultry


Vertical Sliding Tunnel Door

GSI now offers Vertical Sliding Tunnel Door that is easy to install and made of high density extruded polystyrene foam clad with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). The new tunnel door not only is energy efficient and airtight seal but also save space when it operates. The FRP sheet is strong, easy to clean and rust-free for long service life.
The height is controlled by the rolling belt that is better in operation compared with pulling cable. Even a single motor can operate up to 3 layers tunnel door ! The tunnel door panel comes in three sizes of 2ft /2.5ft /3ft x 10ft. The sliding of 2-layer panels, vertically can reach up to 6ft opening.

System Features:

  • Fully automated
  • Space saving
  • Airtight
  • High R-value of insulation
  • Smooth operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight panels
  • Easy to clean


Single Panel Tunnel Door

Black Lightweight Doors Lightweight rigid laminate foam panel doors allow for easy installation and can be operated with a curtain machine. Doors are black for dark out conditions. Available in 4’, 5’, & 6’ heights.

Fully Assembled

Doors come fully assembled and can easily retrofit existing curtain tunnel inlets.

Tight Seal

A profiled rubber seal keeps form and provides an airtight seal.

Energy Savings

Lower energy costs! With an insulation value of R-8, tunnel doors are much better insulators versus conventional curtain inlets.


Two Panel Tunnel Door

White Durable PVC Doors

Lightweight rigid PVC doors allow for easy installation and can be operated with a curtain machine.

H-Channel & C-Channel

PVC H-Channel & C-Channel slide onto the PVC panels for proper seal.

Tight Seal

Static pressure pulls double stitched nylon curtain up against tunnel door to create an air tight seal.

Energy Savings

Will lower your energy cost 9 times the insulation value of conventional curtain material.