A comprehensive feeding pan that is easy to install and operate. It is specially designed for day-old chicks until harvest- able.


  • Comprehensive feeding pan, easy to install and operate
  • Designed for day old chick until Market
  • Detachable drop tube
  • 6 stages rotating feed level
  • Flood window
  • Anti-scratch fin
  • Winch up position gives minimum feed level
  • Winch down position gives maximum flood feed
  • All parts are attached together for easy handling & cleaning


Non Flooding Minimum Feed Position

  • When the feeder is winched up above the floor, the flood feed window will shut off and minimize the feed to flow through the saving ring

Flood Feed Position

  • The design of High & Low concept window gives maximum flood feed when it is seated on the floor. The shallow pan is designed with a feed-saving lip that prevents waste and allows day old chicks to access the feed easily.

Tubing and Auger

  • The rib on Cumberland’s lock formed tubing gives added strength to the tube, as well as providing a solid way to hold the pans in place. The auger is manufactured from pre-flattened wire to reduce material stress and provide for a more consistent, high quality product.
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