Two-Stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the idea behind Cumberland’s revolutionary Hi-Lo* Pan Feeding System. The Hi-Lo pan feeder represents a unique concept in the poultry industry, using one feeder to take birds from day old through adult.


Hi Lo Pan Feeder

The first 7-10 days of a broiler’s life are critical. The Hi-Lo pan feeder starts on the house floor, presenting a lip height of 2.1″ (5.33 cm), the average height of traditional “chick lids”. As the birds grow and the feed line is raised, the Hi-Lo expands into a 3.5″ (8.89 cm) deep pan. This also compensates for uneven floors in the chicken house. The higher wall and feed saver lip prevent feed waste from being raked out

Tubing and Auger

The rib on Cumberland’s lock formed tubing gives added strength to the tube, as well as providing a solid way to hold the pans in place. The auger is manufactured from pre-flattened wire to reduce material stress and provide for a more consistent, high quality product.

360° Action

The drop tube and grill combination allow play in 360°, reducing bruising and injury to the birds.


i) Hi Lo Classic Pan

The Hi-Lo Classic has been an industry favorite for many years and continues to be a popular choice

for many producers. The Hi-Lo Classic was the first feeder in the industry to offer multi-stage feeding

capabilities and the ability to raise and lower the feed line to accommodate day old to adult birds.

ii) Hi Lo VIII Pan

The Hi-Lo VIII has simply become the industry leader. Including all the same great features that made

the Hi-Lo Classic an industry leader, Hi-Lo VIII offers the added benefit of wider spoke spacing

eliminating trapping when growing larger birds.