Rigid 4″, 6″ and 8″ augers are available to meet your specific capacity requirements. AP 8″ and larger rigid augers are equipped with exclusive Dura-Edge™ flighting that last 30% longer than regular flighting. 

Quality Auger

AP’s augers are coiled in-house from high tensile steel for consistent quality and strength. AP uses wire which is flattened prior to hardening which provides better resistance to distortion and an all-around stronger product.

Flex-Flo™ XD utilizes an AP exclusive manufacturing process resulting in twice the durability of traditional auger, the latest innovation to AP’s Flex-Flo™ product line. XD is available for Models 300, 300P, HR, 350 and 500.

Around the Bend

For moving feed up in the air and around corners, AP Flex-Flo™ tubing is available in specially formed elbows with increased wall thickness on the inside of the elbow for added strength and wear resistance.