Electronic Sow Feeding

Compident Sow Management

AP and Schauer have partnered to bring you Electronic Sow Feeding – the better way to feed sows. With a variety of new management options that target vaccination, heat detection, reproductive efficiency, nutritional supplementation and animal movement, ESF is a versatile staple for any operation. Whether a single feeder operation, 10,000 sow farm, or any size in between, AP ESF can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Schauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of ESF systems
  • Thousands of units currently in use around the world
  • Expertise in system design and technical support
  • New TOPO: user-friendly computer interface system
  • Hand-held units enable paperless barn management
  • Feeds up to 80 sows per Compident ESF unit

Feeding Station Functionality 

  • Feed station recognizes sow through RFID tag
  • Trough extends if sow has not consumed daily allowance
  • Feed is mixed with water to improve palatability and allow sows to eat more efficiently
  • Micro-doser allows for computer control supplementation of diets
  • Sow can enter station even after she has eaten; therefore no negative reinforcement is displayed
  • Station can be programmed to sort animals based on production criteria
  • Up to two different color marking options available
  • Extremely durable feeder with years of proven reliability
  • Superior feeder design allows up to 80 sows to be fed per day per feeder
  • Exit chutes allow timid sows to time their exit while the next sow is eating.

Compident Training Station

  • Specialized feeder built to the dimensions of a gilt
  • Training mode accommodates learning of naive animals
  • Available for training of replacement gilts
  • Compident trainee allows developing gilts to familiarize themselves with the basics of ESF

Simple Design, Easy Maintenance

With optional double exit gates, stations can be programmed to sort animals based on production criteria.

Electronic Sow Feeding system

Electronic Sow Feeding system