Air Filtration System

Air quality is an essential component of the biosecurity of raising pigs and risk prevention. In an independent study, 93 swine barns without filters were monitored for five years. During this time, the average infection rate was 52%! However, once filters were added, the rate of viruses such as PRRS and PEDV dropped to 11%. Don’t risk it – protect your valuable investments with Camfil filters, the only performance – guaranteed filter to provide a stable level of filtration.

Higher Efficiency

Camfil protects your pigs with fine-fiber mechanical filtration, the same technology and science that have been proven effective in protecting humans for over 70 years. Other filtration solutions using synthetic media begin losing efficiency once in service, allowing more virus-containing particles through, and do not provide stable efficiency over time.

Camfil’s L9 Pathogen Barrier is proven to maintain its efficiency over time, especially in the dangerous-particle-size range between 1μm and 3μm in diameter. These medium and larger size particles have been shown to transport and contain the highest levels of virus.

Camfil’s FastFrame is a holding frame for wall mounted air filtration systems. The FastFrame will hold pathogen barrier L6 or L9 filters, prefilters or a combination thereof. Aeropleat IV or other (2 or 4-inch) deep prefilters may be used without fasteners or clips, making installation quick and easy. The FastFrame is available in full size the airflow sizing requirements of any application.

  • Final filter and prefilter compression tabs facilitate a clear snap-in-place seal for the final filter and secure the prefilter.
  • Centering dimples, and integral part of the frame, assist in the alignment of the final or prefilter.
  • Pre-drilled frame-to-frame installation holes allow fast and secure built-up filter bank assemblies; up to six filters high by any number of filters wide. 

1..Radial Inlet & Outlet

The unique curved form of the air inlet and outlet, a key component in achieving the highest airflow, provides greater open area than any other V-shaped filter. This results in less resistance to air flow, 30% more open area on the filter inlet and 60% more open area on the outlet than traditional V-style filters.

2. Media Packs

The media packs utilize a newly developed height-to-pleat spacing ratio that works in conjunction with the radial inlet and outlet to minimize resistance and maximize air flow. The pleat separators ensure pleat stability to provide continual low energy usage performance.

3. 5-Star Performance

The PathogenBarrier Filter is rated as a 5-Star filter through the Energy Cost Index (EIC) program. Based upon a five-star scale, the Energy Cost Index is an indicator of how a filter will perform over time. The best rating, 5-Stars, maintains its efficiency over its life and uses less energy to move air through the filter and is the most energy-efficient, longest-lasting filter available.

4. Easy Handling

The handles incorporated in the frame allow for ease of handling and prevents damage to the filter media.

5. Built-In Prefilter Space Section

Eliminates blockage of airflow and resultant high pressure drop when a prefilter is mounted directly to the face of the filter. While this problem is common in all V-style filters, the problem has been solved through advanced design engineering.

6. Pack Sealing

The pack sealing flanges molded into the frame eliminate bypass seen with standard V-filter construction.