Hydro Series

With feed cost soaring, it only makes sense to invest in the best feeders available to keep feed waste to a minimum. AP offers HydroMat and HydroTube feeders in all stainless steel construction, and the ‘combo’ feeders, which provide excellent feed efficiency and conversion and the added benefit of dramatic water savings to help lower the cost of effluent disposal.

AP Combo Feeders combine the superior corrosion resistance and cleaning characteristics of 304 stainless steel with the rugged durability of powder coated solid rod construction.


Y-drops are available for all models of HydroTube and double hopper HydroMat feeders. These Y-drops prevent feed spills and provide a clean installation with a single feed line drop.

Feed Saver

HydroMat and HydroTube feeder troughs feature a feed saver lip to prevent feed from being raked out of the feeder.

Combo Feeder Gates

Feeder gates are constructed of 1/2″ solid steel rods inserted through and welded to a 3/16″ thick 304 stainless steel bottom rail to provide the heaviest feeder gate in the industry. After welding, feeder gates are protected with a durable baked on powder coat finish. Water pipes and valves are easily removed for service and are not used as a structural part of the gate frame.
Wean to finish models feature narrowed gate rod spacing, feed dams to prevent slurry buildup in water cups and an adjustable drip nipple to help newly weaned pigs locate water.


HydroMat and HydroTube feeders are equipped with a stainless steel agitator that is easily moved by even newly weaned pigs. The spinner limits the need for feeder adjustment and keeps high fat feeds flowing through the feeder.

Cups & Valves

HydroMat and HydroTube Combo feeeders feature premium quality AquaGlobe valves and smooth easy to clean water pans. Water pipes and valves can be easily removed for service.

All Stainless Steel Construction

HydroMat and HydroTube feeders are also available with all stainless steel construction.