Ventilation Fan

High Efficiency – Performance Driven

The success of the modern pork facility depends on many variables of which longevity, efficiency and performance of the ventilation fans are a substantial part. AP’s fans stand up to these challenges protecting the health of your ventilation investments.

Built for Durability

From resilient and aerodynamic fiberglass housings with stainless steel mounting hardware to heavy duty fan guards with a baked on finish, AP is quality unsurpassed.

Built for Efficiency

We are designing and building fans year after year that are constantly surpassing previous energy consumption barriers with even greater airflow performance.


Competitor Series Ventilation Fans

To be a player in today’s international marketplace, the modern pork producer needs a competitive edge. AP’s Competitor Series fans are the airflow champions. Available in up to 54″ models and harnessed with high efficiency motors, they are capable of moving up to 30,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Competitor Series fans are another powerful tool to help you compete in today’s world marketplace.

Featuring stainless steel hardware and heavy gauge, corrosion resistant aluminum drive train support, these fans are loaded with advanced features, such as a high performance propeller and a high efficiency 1.75 Hp motor in single phase or three phase. The fiberglass housing and discharge cone is durable and aerodynamic. An optional winter closure panel is also available.

Competitor Direct Drive

Direct drive Competitor Series fans feature high efficiency 1/3 HP motors and durable, fiber reinforced nylon propellers. A five bladed propeller configuration provides for optimal air output while producing minimal operational load on the motor.

Competitor Belt Drive

Includes the following:

  • High performance stainless steel prop.
  • 75 HP Motor.
  • 1″ drive train allowing for larger pillow block bearings and enhanced longevity.
  • Automatic belt tensioner.
  • Large diameter pulleys with greasable pillow block bearings to promote greater belt wrap and extended life.

Performer and Competitor Fans Include:

  • White PVC Shutter– A white PVC shutter with plastic rod hinges is standard equipment. Optional aluminum shutter available for 12″-36″ fans with optional motor operator where required.
  • Motor Mounts– All aluminum motor mounts constructed of heavy guage materials.
  • Fan Guards– Heavy duty fan guards with baked on finish.
  • Fiberglass Housing– Durable and aerodynamic fiberglass housing with stainless steel mounting hardware (limited lifetime warranty).
  • Belt Tensioner– All belts stretch, the question is, who checks for slippage? Don’t spend big money on a high-tech fan only to lose that efficiency months later to improperly tightened belts. All AP belt drive fans come standard with an automatic belt tensioner. Less hassle and continued performance month after month.

Competitor Belt Drive Fan

Shown with optional fiberglass discharge cone

Competitor Direct Drive Fan

Shown with optional fiberglass discharge cone

Performer Series Ventilation Fans

When the design team at AP was given the challenge of developing the Performer Series fan line, three goals were paramount. Performance, efficiency and longevity all needed to be maintained while keeping the price as competitive as possible. You will find the Performer Series ventilation fans have not only met, but exceeded these goals.

Performer Direct Drive

The heart of the Performer Series is the specially engineered high efficiency fan motor. Unlike fans that use a smaller 48 frame motor, AP’s Performer direct drive fans include the larger 56 frame motor providing exceptional, higher performance while allowing for much cooler motor temperatures on variable speed applications. Warranted for three full years, Performer Series direct drive fan motors will keep your fans running smoothly.

Performer Belt Drive

Includes the following:

  • Heavy duty 56 frame TEAO dual voltage motor, specially designed to match the propellers and fan for optimal performance and effciency.
  • ‘Heavy-duty’ drive train; 1″ material drive shaft allowing for larger pillow block bearings resulting in enhanced longevity.
  • Automatic belt tensioner.
  • Large diameter pulleys with greasable pillow block bearings to promote greater belt wrap, smoother operation and extended belt life.

Performer Belt Drive Fan

Performer Direct Drive Fan

Shown with optional fiberglass discharge cone

Commander Fans

  • Models are available in 36″ and 54″
  • Single and three phase  power supplies
  • 0-10 volt or 10-0 volt input for speed control of the fan
  • Reduces total fan energy costs
  • Fiberglass and poly cone options
  • Low maintanence
    • No belts
    • No pulleys
    • No grease
  • Each fan model covers all performance and efficiency options
  • Optistick and Smart Phone App allow for easy parameter changes and simplified diagnostics
  • Reduced wiring costs, no need for control relay to engage fan
  • User defined RPM when failsafe mode is engaged by backup thermostat or relay
  • High performance permanent magnet motor runs cool to the touch and supplies constant torque to the propeller
  • Output on drive to monitor motor current

Commander Fan