Watering System

AquaGlobe Watering System – Easy Installation

Today’s environmental and economic conditions make managing water consumption and waste disposal cost a primary concern. The valves can be quickly and easily installed in existing gates, mounted or hanging waterers, providing an immediate reduction in water waste.

Bite Ball Valve

The patented AquaGlobe Bite Ball Valve offers the water saving advantages of a drinker cup at a fraction of the cost. The positioning of the bite ball on the valve decreases spillage by insuring that the valve is taken fully into the pigs mouth before the ball can be depressed releasing the water. The guarded design further decreases water waste by preventing spills caused by incidental contact or pigs scratching themselves on the valve.

The Bite Ball anatomical design allows pigs to drink in a natural position. The rounded design and tapered tip of the valve fits comfortably in the pigs’ mouth and decreases the speed of the water as it exits the valve. The valve is hygienically superior because the smooth surface of the valve is wiped clean with every use, preventing the bacteria buildup that is common with drinking cups. Bite Ball valves are for phases of production.

Hygienically Superior

Drinking bowls and other types of valves invite bacterial growth. Standing water in troughs can also attract rodents and insects. The AquaGlobe bite ball valves guarantee maximum hygiene through a unique design less prone to these types of environments.